Heirloom is a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations. Mimo's JW Heirloom Collection consists of just that. 

      Obtained from local families who inherited these beautiful handmade pieces they wanted to part with, for whatever reasons.

      Every Heirloom piece is inspected for their gold, platinum grade and gemstone quality. Authenticated and restored in-house, by Mimo's JW, to its original condition. The condition how it was purchased back in the day, when it was brand new.

      We selected the finest vintage jewelry for you. Jewelry that showcases the beautiful, masterfully goldsmiths' work of its era. Offered for sale in our Heirloom collection.

      You could be the new owner of a beautiful piece, enjoy it for many years to come, and one day pass it down as family Heirloom. 

      3 products

      3 products