Steel wristwatch with carbon-reinforced resin case and encloses the exterior in metal components

MT-G MTGB3000 Series MTGB3000D-1A

Regular price $ 1,050.00

GSHOCK MT-G MTGB3000 Series MTGB3000D-1A


Stable solar power

Easy to operate via smartphone

Beautiful, polished metal

20 bar water resistant

Shock resistant

Case Size

Total Diameter incl Crown 51mm

Thickness 12.5mm

True Lug to Lug is 52mm 
if you add the center link 56mm

Discover innovative form of great structural beauty, MT-G timepieces born of an entirely new design concept combining the resin used in the first G-SHOCK models with metal materials. Welcome to a whole new level of sophisticated structural design. With its even more advanced Dual Core Guard structure, the MTGB3000 protects the module in a carbon-reinforced resin case and encloses the exterior in metal components. Repeated pressing, cutting, and polishing builds the stainless steel case back upward into an intricate 3D form. The case back also serves as the lugs to secure the band and as the guards for crown and buttons, for a completely new structure. Using high-density mounting technology, we developed a new slimmer, multi-function module. All of these innovative designs and technologies created a much thinner watch, measuring just 12.1 mm from bezel to case back.

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